Aerospace Jobs in Brownsville, Texas Increase With SpaceX

SpaceX Is A Super Company

Space Exploration Technologies is the full name of SpaceX. It is a privately held company that manufactures rockets and launches them into space in partnership with NASA.Hence, they agreed to become part of the NASA Commercial Crew of private companies that will explore and work in outer space. They will help mine asteroids for iron ore and water and help promote and supply the Mission to Mars. SpaceX is already helping to supply the International Space Station.

On December 8, 2010 the company was the first only commercial enterprise globally to send and return a space vehicle into and out of Low Earth Orbit.

The Falcon 9 Rocket carried the SpaceX Dragon vehicle into approximately two orbits. Dragon then fired its own thrusters via computer programming and returned to Earth in the Pacific Ocean. All this took only about 3 hours, 20 minutes. America is back in space to stay!

Contracts were signed for $4 Billion through 2017 before the final launch of the last US Space Shuttle, Endeavor, during July 2011. In 2012, SpaceX notified the public of the Greater Brownsville Area that a new project involving a launch area or space port was planned to arrive on Chico Beach under the supervision of SpaceX, being with it new jobs and businesses.

The Brownsville Area was one of several communities considered for construction of a launch site in the early years of NASA, Cape Canaveral being chosen. In the 2010s, Brownsville received its second chance at space.


Skylark Taxi of Wichita Falls

Skylark Taxi is ‘the ride’ in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Skylark operates on demand taxi service serving all of Wichita Falls and Sheppard Air Force Base as well as a shared ride airport shuttle service serving Wichita Falls and DFW Airport.

Name: Skylark

Address: 2111 Holliday Rd, Wichita Falls, Tx 76301

Contact: Candice Darnell, Sr. Vice President

Telephone: 940-322-1352 or 1-800-The-Ride

More Information…..

Skylark Taxi
Order a taxicab or make an airport shuttle reservation online.
Wichita Falls Rates
Wichita Falls Taxi Rates and Airport Shuttle Fares.
FAQ – Wichita Falls Taxicab Service and DFW Airport Shuttle Service.

Taxi Tales
and other stuff from Skylark Taxi

Skylark Taxi is wild. They entered the market just over a year ago and took over the town. Their major competitor is now history and they are ten times larger than the remaining competitor. They make taxicabs fun…. providing rides to all the students at Sheppard Air Force Base…… they KNOW where the hot spots are. If you are going to Sheppard you have to call Skylark. Online reservations and ordering, 24 hour dispatchers…. you name it, they got it.

Casinos, bars, nightclubs, concerts…. they know it all….. where it’s at…and… when it is……

Check out their main site at

Seriously, Skylark is your only reliable North Texas choice for passenger ground transportation. They operate the largest taxicab fleet in North Texas as well as airport shuttle services; Skylark Airport Express and the recently acquired DFW Airport Express.

Skylark Airport Express and DFW Airport Express are airport shuttle services that serve routes between Wichita Falls, Texas and DFW Airport. They can also connect you to Love Field in Dallas. For 26 years, Skylark has been on time, every time…. not something the local puddle-jumper airlines could ever say. For 100 percent reliable transportation between Wichita Falls and DFW, Skylark and DFW Airport Express are your only choice.

A state of the art dispatch and call center is operated by Skylark 24 hours per day. Their computer aided system allows you to make reservations minutes or years in advance. A complete online reservation system for taxicabs and airport shuttle services is available at

Skylark is an official Department of Defense transportation provider and is granted operating authority by both the City of Wichita Falls and DFW Airport.

New High Demand Jobs in Texarkana

Although agriculture, child care, and elementary and middle school level education jobs were projected to expand currently though 2016, no evidence was seen of this in 2009 – 2013 job listings. No evidence was found of this as late as the end of 2016.

The projected growth began to appear in the wake of large Stimulus Funding projects beginning Summer 2009 – 2013. The area population is increasing gradually into the 2010s and justifies the additional educational and child care services jobs emerging in 2015.

Texarkana is considered a crossroads in the three-state region for transportation, commerce, culture, historical installations, and retirement living. A number of developed retirement communities exist in Texarkana in both sides of the city, along with upscale golf courses and family recreation.

Historic sites and annual festivals of many types attract additional Travel and Tourism dollars yearly.
Leading Job Listings Advertised Daily

Retail Sales Consultants, Salespeople, and Sales Supervisors
Store Managers and Assistant Managers
Patient Care Technicians
Environmental Services Technicians
CNA – Certified Nurse’s Aides – This job title matches government projections shown above for the list of highest numbers of job openings and fastest increasing job titles.
Registered Nurses (RNs)
Nurses-LVN/LPN – Vocation and Practical
Medical Assistants
Food Service Managers
Occupational and Physical Therapists

Hospitals in Texarkana for Healthcare Jobs

CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System Texarkana Hospitals
Dubuis Hospital of Texarkana
Wadley Regional Medical Center

Largest Companies in the Metro Area

Red River Army Depot
CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
Cooper Tire Manufacturing Facility
Walmart Supercenter: Two stores in the city, one located in each state.
Wadley Regional Medical Center
Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc
Cities of Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas
Collum and Carney Clinic
Truman Arnold Companies: Aviation and Energy.
Day and Zimmerman: Ammunition manufacturers.
E-Z Mart: 28 locations in or near Texarkana.

Labor Projections

Below are the forecasted new job openings in Texarkana through 2022. A few of the occupational titles listed match current and increasing job openings found on, the search engine providing the widest coverage of job openings and trends.

Several of the job titles listed in the column below left match those listed in the next two sections and the matches are printed in bold type.
Highest Numbers of Jobs Projected

Personal/Homecare Aides
Retail Salespersons
Farmers & Ranchers
Registered Nurses (RNs)
All Food Prep and Service Staff – Includes fast food and full service waitstaff
Farmworkers and related Laborers – Agricultural crops, not animal production.
Mainstream Elementary School Teachers
Customer Service Reps
Child Care related workers
Nursing Aides and related support staff
Home Health Aides (HHAs)
Slaughterers and Meat Packers

Job Openings Increasing Fastest

Personal/Homecare Aides
Cooks for restaurants
Home Health Aides (HHAs)
Registered Nurses (RNs)
Child Care Workers
Customer Service Representatives
Tellers – Banks, credit unions, related.
Mainstream Elementary School Teachers
Mainstream Middle School Teachers not Voc-Ed

Texas Defensive Driving Online Course- Information, Source And Guide To Defensive Driving

Texas defensive driving online course material used to be something that didn’t exist at all. If someone wanted to take a Texas certified defensive driving class, they had to find a classroom and look for a time and place that were convenient, or as convenient as possible, to their schedule. It was cumbersome and inconvenient.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has since changed these regulations, and they now allow TEA approved defensive driving classes that are taken over the Internet rather than in a classroom.

What are some of the reasons that someone might take a Texas defensive driving online course? There are several.

1. Ticket dismissal. If a person receives a moving violation, they may be able to have their ticket dismissed by taking defensive driving.
2. Point reduction. If someone has points on their license due to a traffic infraction, they may be able to have some of the points removed if they can prove that they’ve taken a Texas certified defensive driving course.
3. Court order. The judge can order a violator to take traffic school simply as a component of the sentence handed down in court.
4. Employment. In some cases, a job requires some driving but it is not a “driving job” in the sense that they will be doing nothing but driving. They don’t require fleet training, but the employer may require their employees to take a defensive driving class before the start of employment or periodically during the term of employment.
5. Insurance discount. There are auto insurance providers who give a discount on insurance premiums if their policyholders take defensive driving classes. This varies by insurance provider.
6. Driver refresher training. Some drivers simply want to be sure that they are aware of the latest laws and up to speed on the techniques that the experts say are the best way to be a safer, more defensive driver. They aren’t taking the training because they are required to, but because they feel it will make them more able to prevent a collision with another driver.

Whatever the reason for taking a course in defensive driving, providers such as National Driver Safety Services (NDSS) have made it more convenient than ever to complete the material through a web-based program rather than going into an old-style classroom. These online programs are the newest way to satisfy requirements in defensive driving.

With NDSS, everything the user does is from their home, even taking the final exam. In some cases students must find a proctor for the final exam even for online courses, but this particular provider allows students to use a verification system to prove their identity without going to a testing center in person. They even deliver the certificate through the mail, so that students are able to do everything from home. It is a convenient method for completing a course that was once a chore.

Quality New & Used Car Trailers Available From Reinhart Trailers In Ontario

Are you moving or just need to safely transport your car to another location? Look no further than the award winning team at Reinhart for your new and used car trailer needs. We offer a variety of name brand products with both open and enclosed environments that will transport your car safely to its new destination. Reinhart currently services the Greater Ontario Area as well as Northern and Southern Ontario and would appreciate the opportunity to showcase our vast product line and exceptional service to you.

For your new car trailer purchase, rely on the outstanding team of professionals at Reinhart Trailers. We’re here for you!

Featuring Featherlite and Alumna Aluminum Car Trailers

Whether you’re looking for an open or enclosed car trailer, Featherlite and Alumna can match your needs. The Featherlite 4926 is an enclosed hauler available in 16’, 20’, 24’ and 28’ lengths and is 8’6” wide with 4 s/s D-rings to secure your vehicle safely inside. The wide rear ramp, cable assist and pressure latches ensure easy loading. On the contrary, the freedom of the Featherlite 3110 open car trailer allows for exceptional transport on its 14’, 17’6”, or 20’ beds with the option of removable fenders for easier loading capacity. The skid resistant floor is ideal for race cars and other recreational vehicles while the swivel D-rings will help hold it securely in place. With the option of 7000 lb. or 9600 lb. GVWR, the possibility for variety of loads is endless.

Alumna car trailers, specifically the Aluma 8200, boast a variety of lengths, coming in at 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ and 22’. This reliable aluminum car trailer offers a 17” bed height with stake pockets for easy installation of side walls, front retaining wall and safety chains for added protection. It includes two 6’ ramps with storage, removable fenders and a 1200 lb. capacity swivel tongue jack. With the option of 7000 lb. or 9600 lb. GVWR, this piece of high quality equipment is essential for providing the ultimate protection of transporting cars to and from races, car shows, car expos, car exhibitions and more.

And last, but not least, make sure to investigate the featured car trailers for sale in our Car Mate line. Like other brands, Car Mate offers open and enclosed car trailers that will get your automobile where it needs to go. The Car Mate open car trailer is available in a variety of convenient widths and lengths, offering more versatility in your car trailer purchase options. This particular unit is available with wood or steel flooring and features a single or double axel to meet your needs. The Car mate Eagle Car Hauler is a massive unit available in lengths up to 32’ and 100” wide. The overall height reaches 102” allowing for maximum usage. This stylish enclosed car trailer features aluminum fenders, hot dipped galvanized cam locks & hardware, ¾” exterior grade plywood flooring, line walls and aluminum roof. It’s the ultimate in enclosed car trailers.

As you can see, Reinhart takes pride in offering the best selection of new car trailers available. We also have a large selection of used car trailers available in stock that will exceed your hauling expectations while fitting within your budget. Be sure to ask one of our experienced sales team members how we can help you find the best used car trailer to meet your transportation needs.

Explore the variety and quality of new and used car trailers today at Reinhart at our Caledon, Ontario dealership or call Reinhart Trailer Sales at 905-846-1071.

Fishing At Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park is located in the northwest corner of Lake Superior. This Wilderness Island contains a road-less backcountry which prohibits the use of all wheeled vehicles and devices (except wheelchairs). Visitors traveling to this Island paradise must arrive by boat or seaplane. The transportation services depart from Houghton, Michigan, Copper Harbor, Michigan and Grand Portage, Minnesota. Vehicular parking is available at all departure locations.

Only 1-day fishing licenses are available on the Island. Visitors wanting a longer license need to purchase them on the mainland prior to departure.

General possession notes

All fish in your possession count toward your limit, regardless of where and when you caught them. All fish in your possession must be measurable and identifiable by species. This requirement will be met by leaving the head and skin on.
Interior Lakes

A fishing license is NOT required. However, Michigan size and possession limits apply.

Method of Take

Use only artificial lures. “Artificial lure” means any lure that is manmade, in imitation of or as a substitute for natural bait, used to attract fish for the purpose of taking them, and shall include artificial flies. Live, dead or preserved bait or organic food may not be used or possessed at any time. Digging for bait is not allowed.


May 15 to October 31

Minimum Size Limits:

Walleye – 15″
Northern Pike – 24″

Possession Limit:

five (5) fish in any combination

Note: size limits in the interior lakes focus on leaving the smaller fish. Smaller fish are needed by natural predators, such as eagles, osprey, loons, and otter, for whom fish is a major part of their diet.

Lake Superior Waters (within park boundaries)

A Michigan Fishing License is required. One-day licenses are available only at the Rock Harbor Lodge office or the Windigo store. We recommend obtaining your fishing license prior to leaving the mainland.


Trout and Salmon


April 15 to October 31

Minimum Size Limit:


Possession Limit:

Five (5) in any combination, but no more than three (3) of any one species.

Coaster Brook Trout:

Lake Superior Waters (extend 4.5 miles out from the island)
Catch and release only for all brook trout, including all bays and harbors.

Inland Waters
Catch and release only in all streams and Hidden Lake. Artificial lures and barbless hooks only in all streams and Hidden Lake

Disposal of Fish Remains

At Rock Harbor, use the fish cleaning station. At Windigo, bag your fish remains in plastic and put in trash cans. In other areas, including interior or shore-based backcountry campsites:

-Clean fish at least 100′ away from docks and campsites

-Cut fish remains (skeletons and heads, too) into small pieces (4″ or smaller)

-Place the remains on shore at least 100′ away from docks and campgrounds, between the waterline and the vegetation OR

-Dump remains in deep (50′ or deeper) waters of Lake Superior, outside of protected bays or harbors

Please resist the temptation to throw pieces of fish remains to the gulls. Often these pieces of fish end up rotting in shallow water. One purpose of these guidelines is to prevent stinking fish remains from ending up on the lake bottom near campgrounds and docks. Please do not clean any fish directly on docks. Thoroughly scrub up and rinse away all blood and slime from any on-shore surfaces.

Fishery Conservation

Keep in mind that the larger fish are the ones that produce offspring. Releasing larger fish and keeping only smaller ones helps insure that there will be plenty of fish in the future. Leaving the larger fish and taking those smaller than 28 inches helps insure that there will be plenty of fish in the future. Smaller fish are also better-tasting, so consider taking pictures of the large fish, then carefully releasing them. Instead of killing trophy fish, please consider modern graphite mounts. The park encourages fishermen to catch only what they plan to keep or eat and then stop fishing and enjoy the many other attractions of Isle Royale.

Transporting Fish to the Mainland

A permit from the Michigan DNR is required to ship fish on a commercial vessel. The permit is good for a daily possession limit only and may only be used once a year. Fish must be claimed by someone at the end destination and cannot be stored. Permits may be obtained by mail or phone from the Michigan DNR. Fish may not be transported in coolers of boats riding on the deck of the Ranger III. Ask the ship’s purser how to properly transport fish.

Choosing the Right Corporate Transportation Services

If you travel regularly for business, then you already know the importance of choosing the right corporate transportation services.

While the saying goes that first impressions are important, it can be said that this holds doubly true for the world of business. Keeping that philosophy in mind, it only makes sense that you want to choose the best luxury car service available for yourself and your clients whenever you travel to a new city for business.

Let’s look at some of the traits that the best corporate transportation services posses so that you can see what you should look for whenever you have to contact one in order to travel around a new city.

Professionalism – This is arguably the single most important aspect of customer service. When thinking about a car service, you want to make sure that not only are the drivers courteous, but that the vehicles used are well maintained to the point will they will make a good impression on your clients.

When thinking about hiring a car service, don’t hesitate to ask about the typical clientele that they serve. For your purposes, corporate transportation services are typically better than your standard limousine services. The reason for this is because drivers for corporate car services are used to working exclusively with clients who frequently travel on business while normal limousine services tend not to be a specialized, having to often work with wedding parties, prom groups and the like.

Experience – Your best option here is to seek out a company that has been in business for a while. If a corporate transportation service has managed to remain afloat for a while, then not only are they reliable to the point where customers will use them repeatedly, but they will have seen a variety of the issues that can sometimes arise and their line of work and will be able to address them quickly.

Likewise, a longstanding car service will have a larger staff of drivers available to you, which will make scheduling easier. With the sort of resources that larger, older companies have you can be sure that the drivers are experienced enough to know the city well. They will be able to get you and your clients anywhere that you need to go without getting lost or being late.

Availability – Some corporate transportation services are only located in certain regions of the country while others have national branches. If you chose a company with branches all over the country then you can use them wherever you travel. Whether your business takes you to New York, Texas, Florida or California, having a reliable company take care of your transportation needs will make your trip much easier.

If you have to change our travel arrangements or flight plans, then the transportation service that you choose should be able to easily accommodate you. With the uncertainty that sometimes comes with air travel, a good car service needs to be flexible in order to keep up with the demands of their customer base.

When it comes down to it, choosing the right corporate transportation service can have an immense influence on how your clients remember their visit with you. Keeping that in mind, it only makes sense that you would want the best.

Houston Airport Transportation Services – Vast and Efficient

Houston, Texas, is a major city in US with awesome transportation infrastructure facilities. It has one of the busiest airport systems in the world. Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport or IAH ranks sixth among multi-airport facilities all over the world. It boasts of an advanced and vast infrastructure capable of handling tones of cargo annually. Houston airport transportation services include a huge infrastructure connecting the airport complex to the vast stretches of interstate highways, railways and taxiways. All these systems with state-of-the-art technology have made Houston a major business hub and one of the busiest international gateways in cargo, logistics and freight handling.

There are excellent facilities for passengers with ultra class transportation network in Houston, TX with corporate chauffeur service. These services are in line with the mega airport infrastructure, eateries and excellent customer services. The chauffeur-driven corporate taxi services at Houston airport offer all the luxury and comfort that a corporate looks for. The business traveler is provided with highly comfortable and latest transportation facilities on arrival in the city.

Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the biggest airport in Houston, Texas, US. The airport has received Air Cargo Excellence Award three times for its highly efficient and advanced cargo and freight management system. The cargo transportation is highly advanced and equipped with the latest technology and uses the latest procedures. The transportation handling is so efficient that US Customs officials are able to clear the cargo even before they touch the ground.

The most striking capability of the air cargo distribution center is its ability to manage eatables and other perishable items. Matching with these facilities is the management of documents and processing system through highly automated and coordinated process. There are huge tanker fleets and railcars which continuously transport tones of manufactured goods and other products in and out of one of the busiest airports in the world. There are four major rail systems catering to the logistic needs. They are, Union Pacific-Missouri Pacific, Southern Pacific, Burlington and Santa Fe. Highway transportation has major share out of the total goods transported annually.

There are thousands of trucking companies which keep Houston on the move. All this has been possible because of the extremely well-planned and huge airport complex with easy and continuous flow of organized and systematic traffic. Seamless connectivity to interstate highways for US and Canada make Houston and its surrounding area a bustling commercial center. Huge fleets of trucks and other transportation vehicles carry vast goods and products through vast stretches of highways and with high degree of management and co-ordination so there are no jams and business traffic flows smoothly.

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Lessons from Seychelles for Nigeria’s tourism master plan

The travel and tourism industry’s impact on a country’s economic and social development can be significant – it can open a country up for business, trade and capital investment, create jobs and entrepreneurship, and protect heritage and cultural values.

Lessons from Seychelles for Nigeria’s tourism master plan
©zefart via 123RF

To fully understand its impact, however, governments, policy makers and businesses around the world require accurate and reliable data on the impact of the sector. Data is needed to help assess policies that govern future industry development and to provide knowledge to help guide successful and sustainable travel and tourism investment decisions.

The industry generated US$7.6 trillion (10% of global GDP) and 277 million jobs (1 in 11 jobs) for the global economy in 2014. Recent years have seen travel and tourism growing at a faster rate than both the wider economy and other significant sectors such as automotive, financial services and health care. Last year was no exception. International tourist arrivals also surged, reaching nearly 1.14 billion and visitor spending more than matched that growth. Visitors from emerging economies now represent a 46% share of these international arrivals (up from 38% in 2000), proving the growth and increased opportunities for travel from those in these new markets.

One such country to learn from is Seychelles. The direct contribution of travel and tourism to its GDP was 21.3% of total GDP in 2014 and it’s forecast to rise by 6.0% in 2015 and to rise by 4.9% pa, from 2015-2025 to 24.7% of total GDP in 2025. In 2014, travel and tourism directly supported 10,500 jobs (22.9% of total employment). This is expected to remain unchanged in 2015 and rise by 2.5% pa to 14,000 jobs (28.1% of total employment) in 2025.

This included employment by hotels, travel agents, airlines and other passenger transportation services (excluding commuter services). It also includes, for example, the activities of the restaurant and leisure industries directly supported by tourists. By 2025, travel and tourism will account for 14,000 jobs directly, an increase of 2.5% pa over the next ten years.

The masterplan

What has been largely responsible for such growth and enormous contribution to the country’s GDP? Seychelles relies on its local experts in drawing up a master plan. It doesn’t solicit the support of a global agency, or foreign expertise to grow its tourism industry. Nigeria as a country can take learnings from Seychelles if it is to make any significant progress in turning the tourism and hospitality industry into a melting pot for the economy. The tourism industry remains the pillar of the Seychelles economy, which is why the government continues to consult to ensure the industry is consolidated for the long term. The country’s tourism strategic plan set out for the upcoming five years covers strategic areas pointing to policy formulation, product development, human resource development and risk management.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has been assisting Nigeria in drafting a master plan for moving the country’s tourism forward. Worthy of mentioning is the fact that this master plan hasn’t been able to contribute greatly to its growth. Experts have stated that some of the factors crippling the successful implementation of the plan may include: Nigeria’s difficult governance environment, local conditions were not taken into consideration and the political implication of that error crippled the project to a point where it could not take off since 2006. Sadly, the country’s tourism minister had gone back to the UNWTO to seek for help in making the unworkable plan work.

No doubt, the action plans suggested by the apex tourism agency are indeed virile to boost any country’s tourism industry. Some of the actions include: technical assistance, capacity building and the revision of the country’s Tourism Master Plan, organisation of international conferences in Nigeria and the certification of tourism courses, widening access to the e-library for Nigerian tourism officials and offering support for relevant tourism institutions and agencies in Nigeria; data collection for the elaboration of tourism statistics, rural tourism development, hotel classification and in designing programmes to create awareness for tourism.

A need for local experts

Whilst all these plans are plausible, there is a need to allow the local expertise to draft a master plan for promoting this sector with a view to turning it into a melting pot. Besides, these local experts understand the Nigerian environment better than any foreign agency. This is not to say that the intentions of the apex global agency is bad. Rather, this is a call for the inclusion of more local experts who also have international exposure.

Additionally, there is also need to collaborate with industry players within the sector. Such players will include hoteliers, travel consultants, hotel booking portals like Jumia Travel, channel managers and many more.

Government punts its progress on 9-point plan

Nenegate and the subsequent fallout put South Africa firmly on the investment communities’ radar, but it did have a positive spin-off in that it forced government, big business and labour to play nicely and come up with a plan to save the country from junk status.
For their part, the government put together the Nine-Point Plan aimed at reigniting growth and creating jobs, which yesterday it reported was making steady progress. The plan focuses on areas such as energy, tourism, agriculture, boosting SMMES, science and technology, industrialisation, transport and others.


The Integrated Energy Plan, the overarching energy policy, will, once completed, provide answers to various questions the country has been grappling with regarding energy.

The energy contribution of IPPs is expected to grow to approximately 7MW in 2016, while private investment in the programme currently exceeds R194bn. The DoE will announce the preferred bidders from the first bid submission for domestic coal projects in July 2016. The bids will have a combined capacity of 900MW at an investment of R45bn, rolled over the next four years.

Government punts its progress on 9-point plan
© guijunpeng

Fifty-two percent of total job opportunities in highly successful Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Programme have gone to the youth.

The Biofuels Regulatory Framework will be submitted to cabinet during this financial year. It will outline how the nascent biofuels industry will be financially selected and supported.

The nuclear energy expansion programme remains part of the future energy mix. The procurement plan for 9,600MW nuclear build programme will be implemented at a pace informed by what the country can afford.

The DoE has worked on facilitating the gas-to-power programme. The exploitation of ndigenous gas (coal bed methane and shale gas) as well as the regional natural gas resources must be seen in the broader context of regional integration.

Solar water heating has taken off, with contracts placed for the supply of the first 9,000 baseline systems. The next step is to commence with the training of local communities in the installation of the systems, with a specific target being the youth, women and other designated groups.

The electrification programme has made remarkable progress in increasing access to electricity in South Africa by connecting over 6,7m households between 1994 and March 2016. As of February 2016, access to electricity stands at 88% since 1994.


The travel and tourism sector in general attracted capital investment of R63bn in 2015 and contributed R118,6bn directly. This primarily reflects the economic activity generated by industries such as hotels, restaurants, leisure activities, travel agents, airlines and other passenger transportation services (excluding commuter services).

This progress generated 703,000 jobs directly in 2015 (4,5% of total employment). The total contribution of travel and tourism to employment, including wider effects from investment, the supply chain and induced income impacts, was 1,5m jobs in 2015, which is 9,9% of total employment.


With regards to financing for agriculture, the Land Bank is making progress. Internal governance and control processes have improved considerably as reflected in unqualified audit opinions since the 2012 financial year and reduced non-performing loans which now represent approximately 5,5% of the now significantly larger loan book, down from 22,5% in 2009.

The loan book has expanded from R16bn in 2008 to approaching R40bn to date. About R2,5bn or 6,5% of the loan book is devoted to development loans compared to no investment eight years ago.

The process of transforming the Land Bank into a strong development finance institution that plays an even bigger and more effective role in rural and agricultural development will be accelerated and deepened.

Science and technology

The department of science and technology recently launched the country’s first bio-manufacturing industry development centre (BIDC) in Pretoria. Currently it’s supporting 19 enterprises of which 16 are owned by black entrepreneurs, including 10 black women-owned enterprises. 55 permanent and 171 temporary jobs have already been created, with 54 interns trained.

Companies incubated at the BIDC have access to ready-to-use bio-manufacturing facilities, support in research and development laboratories. The initial phase will result in the creation of permanent and temporary jobs with the economic impact projected at R250m per annum in the next five years.

Unlocking SMMEs, cooperatives and township enterprise potential

A total of 117 black women-owned enterprises have been supported through the cooperative incentive scheme to the value of R35,9m, while 325 women-owned enterprises were supported through the Black Business Supplier Development Programme to the value of R45,2m.

The department of small business development has provided support to 992 informal retailers and 45 informal trader organisations in the past financial year nationally. Of these, 559 were women owned and 213 were young traders.

Industrial policy action plan and investment promotion

The department of trade and industry has attracted investments of over R25bn in the automotive industry in the past five years, which supporst more than 4,000 jobs with total employment in the plant already exceeding 8,000 jobs.

Toyota injected of R6,1bn investment into South Africa’s manufacturing industry and the country’s local vehicle production. BMW has also announced the construction of a R6bn state-of-the-art body shop, which will allow it to produce and export the next generation of the BMW X3